Latest News: the premier PEG coating (upon request)

MicroSurfaces, Inc, is proud to introduce our newest technology: a new class of robust PEG surface coatings that can withstand harsh experimental conditions, such as high temperature (boiling) or highly acidic (pH as low as 2) for biomedical research. In response to requests from many customers for PEG coatings that can satisfy stringent experimental conditions, we have developed this new generation of ZeroBkg PEG surfaces.

These new coatings possess the same low background, high reproducibility, and an expanding choices of surface functionalities (PEG,biotin/streptavidin, NHS, maleimide, chelated Ni or Cu, alkyne, to name a few), but are more stable chemically. I encourage you to try out these new generation of functional PEG coatings in new and more demanding experiments limited only by your imagination. Please contact us specifically for this Premier PEG coating.

"Our surface technologies help you turn your ideas into breakthrough results & your candidate library into drug leads."

  • ZeroBkg® PEG or dextran brush based functional surfaces for biomolecule immobilization.
  • Chemical functionalities on glass slides, coverslips, ITO, silicon wafers, mica, etc.
  • Functional gold surfaces for SPR sensing.
  • Air-stable & cell membrane-mimicking lipid bilayers.
  • Silane, polylysine, thiol, & other thin film coatings.
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How does one link a biomolecule to a solid surface? Thousands of customers have found answers to this question using our products in a wide range of applications, including: 1) Single molecule spectroscopy; 2) SPR sensing & other biosensing; 3) Protein, peptide, antibody, DNA microarrays; 4) Biophysical analysis, such as AFM, etc.; 5) Microfluidic channels; 6) Nanoparticles; 7) Surface patterning, etc.

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We provide customer coatings on surfaces of a variety of formats and sizes (flat surfaces, microfluidic channels, nano particles, micro beads, magnetic particles, etc) as well as on a variety of materials (glass, silicon, silica, Au, TiO2, ITO, etc.) and devices (SPR, QCM, and a variety of bio-sensors). If you need special coatings on a particular device or product, please call us to discuss your needs.

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